Nerdlocker Movie Review! – Winnie the Pooh


Cubby reviews the new Winnie the Pooh movie. For more info on comics, video games, movies and anything else nerd, check out, a place for your inner nerd.

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I'm a true child of the 80s from a small town near Cleveland, Ohio. My all time favorite topics are Star Wars, slasher films and Cleveland sports (despite the misery it causes). I narrowly avoided law school, instead choosing film school. I have been accused of being a walking IMDB, but I take it as a compliment!

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  1. I’m a huge Disney fan & I love tigger Plus I’m a child at heart, I saw this movie too & Cubby hit it dead on this movie is just a feel good Disney/family flick that by the time it was over I just felt, well good haha 4 out of 5. i agree with fully!