Nerdlocker Book Review – Jaws: Memories From Martha’s Vineyard

0 – Jim reviews Jaws: Memories From Martha’s Vineyard (2nd Edition). If you’ve read the book let us know what you thought of it.

Special thanks to Titan Books. Here’s their press release for the book:

One of the biggest, most detailed and impressive behind-the-scenes film books ever published!

The filming of the blockbuster film Jaws is regarded as a landmark event in both the history of motion pictures and of the quaint New England island of Martha’s Vineyard. To facilitate the filming, hundreds of locals were hired to work as actors and labourers and among these participants there were numerous professional and amateur photographers – with full access to the production’s inner workings.

For the first time ever, these behind-the-scenes photographs and stories have been compiled into one treasure trove of a book! With a foreword by director Steven Spielberg, interviews with production designer Joe Alves, screenwriter Carl Gottlieb, location casting director Shari Rhodes and much more, this fantastic book provides an unprecedented all-access pass to the creation of some of the most memorable and terrifying scenes in film history!

Included in this new, expanded edition: Sixteen brand-new pages of never-before-seen JAWS rarities, including additional storyboards from Production Designer Joe Alves, more behind-the-scenes photographs from the private collections of local crewmembers…stories, props, anecdotes. If you thought the first edition was big, you’re DEFINITELY going to need a bigger bookcase now!

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