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We at Nerdlocker were pleased to be able to interview Erin Gray at the Motor City Comicon. The lovely and cheerful heroine of Buck Rogers in the 25th Century was generous enough to share her memories of Buck Rogers and what she thinks of the roles for women in television today. The transcript of that interview is below and the audio can be found beneath it.

Nerdlocker (NL): Erin, how are you doing today?
Erin Gray (EG): I’m doing great! Blessed and happy!

NL: Awesome. What are your fondest memories of Buck Rogers?
EG: There’s no doubt that my fondest memories of Buck Rogers is listening to Gil Gerard cut jokes right and left, all day long, to the point where I would have to ask, “Please stop so I can get rid of the stitch in my side!”

NL: Great! So what do you think of the roles of women today compared to when you were acting?
EG: I think it’s wonderful to see that there are stronger roles for women on television today. Mary McDonnell being a perfect example of a woman who is in charge, strong, and yet vulnerable, she has it all and in a commanding position. Or women like Gina Torres, there are more and more roles for women who are in positions like attorneys or running their own companies. You didn’t see that in my day that’s for sure. And so I’m really happy to see that growth and development in television today.

NL: Yeah, and you were a big part of that. I bet you get people all the time who tell you that.
EG: Absolutely. One of the things about coming to these shows is that most of the men say, “You know you were my first.” [Laughter] I know. But I also get women saying, “You were the role model that I looked up to and it was great as a child to see a woman in a commanding position knowing, ‘Hey I want to do that!’” I had one woman who is one of the top fighter pilots in Israel who came up to me, “You’re the reason I’m doing what I’m doing.” I just got chills. And then, what was really cool is I talked to her about t’ai chi and now she’s become a t’ai chi master herself. She’s also one of the world’s top shooters! I mean, I love this woman! And we still stay in touch and I met her at one of these shows so it was really very cool to know that I have influenced women in that way.

NL: Wow! That’s great! Well thank you for your time. This was Nerdlocker with the ageless and lovely Erin Gray. Thank you.
EG: Ahhh. Thank you.

If you don’t like to read, check out the audio interview below:

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