Mission Impossible:Ghost Protocol Trailer

MI:4 trailer is here and is chalk full of spidey action.


It’s time to start humming our favorite theme again because Mission Impossible 4 is finally being advertised as Mission Impossible:Ghost Protocol. We have known about this for a while but a trailer is finally here and it does not let us down.

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol

I will admit that this whole idea has been sitting in a bad spot in my head since the beginning but like most trailers this year, it makes you think we might have hope. The action seems right up there with MI:2 and that was my favorite. I love these movies for what they are; Plot-less, violent roller-coasters of action meant to ooh and awe us. This trailer certainly accomplishes that.

If for nothing else, I will be seeing this movie for the hilarious Simon Pegg and the ever-popular Jeremy Renner alone. The movie will be missing one its most important sprockets in the machine, Ving Rhames, but Pegg and Renner definitely make up for that.

Is this something you are excited about are are you dreading another addition to this franchise?

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