Attack Of The Hambuster – Animated Short

The Hambusters have broken loose and they crave the flesh of the living.


Take a break from your hectic life to watch a delightfully gory animated short on a subject I don’t think anyway takes serious enough. That subject is Carnivorous Hamburgers who crave human flesh. Whether they be seeking revenge or just prefer the taste over our already wide variety of other honey-glazed or seasoned meats, This is an issue we all need to take a closer look at.

You may like having a good lunch in a quiet place as a park… But what if your lunch doesn’t?
In the street everyone can hear you scream, but honestly who cares?

Hambuster is a graduation movie co-directed by five students from Supinfocom Arles. 
This production is a 6 min short film and it was all done in 3D stereoscopic.
Just enjoy!

Watch through the credits and see if you can name all the Gore Flicks it is parodying. Watch it and enjoy. [Hambuster]

Hambuster from Hambuster Team on Vimeo.

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  1. Funny when the hamburger licked the mans face but I was horrified when the hamburger ate the baby…