Twenty Five Years Of Legend of Zelda Commercials (A Visual Journey) Part III: The Final Chapter

The conclusion to our multi-part article chronicling the history of Zelda advertising.


Welcome to the third, and final part, of this visual journey. After exploring the 8, 16, and 64 bit eras we now move onto the Wii titles. The only Wii title out so far is Twilight Princess, yet Skyward Sword is set to be released later this year. Since Nintendo has released a preview of Skyward Sword, we can use it as one of our video samples. It can possibly be seen as a look into the future of video game advertising.

Hmm, I didn’t realized that this was a commercial for Bass Pro 2010. Getting pass the puns, it makes sense why they would start the commercial by showing off the Wii controls since this was a Wii release title. After the Wii tech show, it gets to the good stuff, the game play. Finally they go back to showing what they should in a commercial, the actual game. They showed some perfect examples from the game that show off the beauty of the graphics and the highlights of the game play. This commercial gets a thumbs up even if they did start with fishing.

Now it is a little unfair to hold the other trailers up against this one, since this is an E3 premier trailer, but since its the only one we have so far it will have to do.

This is the way TV commercials should be for video games! It started with such a beautiful introduction, showcasing the history and development of Zelda and leading up to what it has become, granted it could use a little polishing though. Then we go into the actual gameplay. It showcases the game in such an amazing format, displaying not only the graphics but all of the new items and new game mechanics. I know this can’t be the TV commercials since it is way too long, but a guy can dream can’t he.

That concludes our journey through time, we have seen some good commercials, some bad ones, and some really bizarre ones. In the end though, this shows most of all that the Zelda franchise is one that can survive the times, the changing attitudes, gameplay styles and still stay a strong title that we can rely on. One day someone will look back at the Wii titles and do the same thing we did today and I have no doubt that they will hold up even then. To keep with tradition, here is yet another “unique” commercial from Zelda’s past.

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