New Tomb Raider Trailer

New Laura Croft

The return of Tomb Raider is finally here!!  Wayyyyyy back in the day when the PS1 was just coming out the world was introduced to Lara Croft with her short shorts and huge…. ummmm guns. Back then the game  set the bar for action role playing games. But as time moved on she was left behind with weak story lines and even weaker graphics. But now with the help from the guys at  Square Equix she’s back!

I for one  am SOOOOO excited for this game and I’m thankful that somebody picked up the ball after Ubisoft had all but abandon the franchise. No doubt with the success of games like Uncharted Square Equix saw potential in the old girl.  Now with a new look and new adventures we might see the queen of action role playing make her come back. Check out more at

And stay tuned as for E3 updates and trailers!


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  • Beautiful graphics…

  • breathtaking!

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