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Sony’s keynote for E3 just ended and here we are with an update on all that happened there. The NGP was revealed to be called the PS Vita as well as a lot of games being announce, my favorite being Sly 4. Lets look at the break down of what happened.

The press event started with Jack Trenton, president of Sony, apologizing to third party programers, retailers, and to consumers for the time that PSN was down. They discussed how even with PSN being down PS3 sales have still gone up within the last week and that they are grateful for the continued support from their fans.

Next Cinema now was announced to be being brought to Playstation 3.  Incase you don’t know Cinema now is a stream-able service that allows you to rent movies, purchase movies, and watch tv.

Naughty dog producers came on to the stage next to show off a Uncharted 3 trailer and some gameplay.

Insomniac games came on next to show off resistance 3. They announced the resistance doomsday edition which includes the game, playstation move, and a fun holster for the move for 150$ which will be released on September 6th.

For any God of War fans they next showed off the remastered program that they announced by showing that the two God of War titles for PSP will be remastered and released on the PS3.  No release date or price point announced yet.

Now i’m not a big fan of 3D but the next thing they announced is a great application of it. Its a 3D tv designed with the PS3 in mind. Not only does it have 3D but if you do multiplayer instead of it showing split screen the 3D makes it so you see your screen and they see theirs. How it works i’m not sure but that is impressive non the less.  Its a 24″ tv and comes in a bundle including resistance 3 and resistance 3 3D glasses all for 499$.

The fact that Infamous 2 comes out tomorrow was discussed with a trailer shown. This isn’t a big reveal since it was already known but seeing some gameplay was nice all the same.

Then the biggest news, if you ask me, was announced. Sly Cooper 4 Thieves in Time was announced. They didn’t show much more than a screen cap and a little trailer that shows that demitri the lizard is returning to the series. I can’t wait for this game!

Finally the big announcement came. NPG was announced here to be called PS Vita. It will have a 5″ touch screen on the front, dual analog, two cameras on front and back, and a touch screen on the back. It will have wifi and 3G released only through At&T, which the crowd boo’d, It will have an uncharted game and Street Fighter V Tekken, which includes characters from Infamous 2. The wifi version will be only 250$ while the 3G version will run you 300$. It seems they will be able to easily compete with the 3DS.

Lots of exciting news from Sony but keep it here at Nerdlocker for the rest of your E3 news.

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