Nintendo notes from E3 Wii U Controller


So I’ve been checking out the Nintendo E3 keynote bored as usually (Sue me I’m not a big Nintendo fan) But that was until they premiered the new gaming system from Nintendo call the Wii U… Now the game system wasn’t anything big the big oh crap moment came when they relieved the controller.

The Wii U controller is a 6 inch touch screen controller with your standard directional  and push buttons on both sides. So just imagine your current Wii controllers with a 6 inch screen holding them together.  With the risk of sounding cliche  this controller takes gaming to a whole different level and completely chances  your gaming experience.  Some of the examples Nintendo gave  of the what this controller can do.

Examples like:

Being able to continue playing on your controller’s screen while your wife wants to watch Dancing with the Stars (love that one DAMN YOU BRUNO!!).

Multi camera views of the game from the controller perspective. You move to  the right of your screen and hold up the controller and you get the perspective of the game from the right side.

Direct line of sight for first person shooters. All you do is hold up the controller and you sight in via the controller not your  TV. Your weapon and sights are on the controller and your targets are on the TV!!!

Nintendo has finally come out of retirement stepped back into the big leagues with this one and developers have taken notice.  Games like Batman Arkham City, Assassins creed, Tekken and number of EA games are currently being developed and slated for release on the new Wii U ( still think the name sucks)

Stay tuned to for more updates!!

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