Nintendo E3 Press Conference: WiiU, Zelda 25th Anniversary, And More!

Nerdlocker brings you the scoop on the Nintendo E3 press conference.


Hey nerds! E3 is almost over and today the Nintendo press conference took place. Lots of exciting news and some awesome game announcements so lets get to it.

The whole event started out with an entire orchestra playing different Zelda songs to commemorate the 25th anniversary of Zelda. This included some of the smaller tunes like the getting an item song from the 8 bit games. They went on to announce that Legend of Zelda Ocarina of time 3DS will be coming out in the US this weekend. As well as Zelda 4 Swords which is a Co-Op game that will be free through the 3DS online store, which launched today. They then went on to announce that Skyward sword would be coming out this holiday season and it would come with a special gold Wii remote. Final news for zelda is that there will be a free ocarina 3DS cd for the first group of people to register their Ocarina of Time 3DS game on club Nintendo. Most exciting for me, since I love orchestra concerts, is that there will be a Legend of Zelda concert touring the world in the fall, no announcement of dates yet.

Next they showed off some 3DS games by giving some trailers that revealed some things. Mario Kart 3DS will have brand new levels and new power ups, as well as the ability to customize your car before each match. Expect it in stores this holiday season. Star Fox 3DS will allow you to control the plane by either using the buttons or tilting the 3DS. It will also include in multiplayer mode a setting that will turn on the camera so you can see your friends expression when you shoot them out of the sky. It will come out this September. Super Mario 3DS is a brand new game created from scratch for the 3DS and it brings back the raccoon suit! It is set to come out this year. Kid Icarus: Uprising will have full voice acting, a multiplayer 3v3 mode, and augmented reality battles. It is set to come out later this year. Finally they announced that Luigie’s Mansion 2 will come out for the 3DS. This will be a brand new game with multiple new mansions to explore. There is no announced release date yet.

Finally they showed off the big news of the show. The new console will be called the WiiU with the marketing idea that this system is focused on you as the gamer. It will be a little larger than the current wii and kinda looks like a white 360. It will be backward compatible and the controller has a 6.2 inch touch screen in it. For a full write up about what the WiiU controller is capable of check out Patrick’s write up about it here.

The new games though that are announced for the WiiU include a new smash brother that will be both for the WiiU and the 3DS, Lego city stories which is an open world game, Darksiders 2 which will come with the launch of the title, Batman Arkham city, Assassins Creed, Ninja Gaiden 3, and BattleField 3.

Thats all the Nintendo news. What do you think of the new system and all of the new games announced? Tell us in the comments below.

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