Spawn Has A Cute Side


It was just last month that Chris Giarrusso announced that he would be doing special “Cute” versions of the most loved Image Comics characters. We saw the ever-so awesome Walking Dead cover shown on April Fools Day, but thankfully, Mr. Giarrusso had much more in store for us. Chris Giarrusso is mostly know for his own creations, G-Man, and even Mini Marvels  but he has grown to be loved through his variant covers and short stories. I, for one, cannot wait to see even more from this artist.

The colorful and friendly (two adjectives not normally associated with SPAWN) Giarrusso cover is one of seven variants produced for SPAWN #220 that commemorate the series’ twentieth anniversary. The variants include two homages to classic Image series, drawn by McFarlane —“Savage Spawn,” referencing the first issue of SAVAGE DRAGON by Erik Larsen (Cover B) and “Youngblood Spawn,” after the first issue of Rob Liefeld’s YOUNGBLOOD (Cover C).

McFarlane returns to writing his iconic comics series with SPAWN #220, with art by Szymon Kudranski, in which twenty years of SPAWN twists and turns will begin to coalesce as Jim Downing embraces the full might of his horrific hell-born powers to piece together a mystery that has ties to the very core of the Spawn universe.

SPAWN #220 will be in stores on June 6 but you’ll have to ask your local comic shop if they will be getting this limited variant. If you want to read more news to come from Chris Giarrusso, stay tuned to the only place for your inner nerd,

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