Furthermore’s Epic Comic Book Rap

If you like comic books, and vague nerd references told in rhythmic form then you will love this song.


Furthermore is a christian rap group and that is all I could find on them. It seems they have disbanded since the making of this song a few years ago. If you like comic books, and vague nerd references told in rhythmic form(see MC Chris, and MF Doom) then you will love this song.

If you’re anything like me, you need to know the lyrics. Here they go:

Like Onslaught Meltdown
vinyl hot as Sunspot
he’s hunting Morlocks
I’m sure Psylocke will save them from enslavement,
it’s a Longshot, X-Factor in Excalibur
we were the Fantastic Four plus one more,
Kingpin was just a mortal removed from the mix,
now it’s Mr. Sinister’s Insidious Six,
Polaris the pacifist,
Galactus the activist,
acting on his hunger for your planet that’s the last of it,
make no mistake Mystique is messing with me,
with mutants like her my trust is kind of iffy
if we go back to wild style Wild Child riles Sabretooth up,
I gave Nova a crewcut,
I goofed up, now she’s seeing Redskull,
I can’t say that today is dull,
Strong Guy smashed upon the wrong guy, out of control,
don’t take lightly The Mighty Thor he might forfeit yea right
I’m sure X-ternally yours
I work with whatever hand I’m dealt,
I felt I needed more vinyl to melt and
so it goes with help from super heroes,
I felt I needed more vinyl to melt

Mr. Fantastic could you reach around the corner down the block to the store and grab me a pop can,
Torch is in the kitchen cooking something hot
and Cyclops went to 7-11 to get some eye drops,
while I’m waiting for Gambit and Thing to drop by,
I got my magic mic in case Apocalypse should try
to step up but my rep is uncanny and I heard Namor
could flow the offshore I mean can he?
Wolverine I need a clean cut and don’t say but this time
or this rhyme will fall short of fresh fisch lines,
Storm you got on too much eye liner
just used to go to Silver Surfer’s diner off the coast,
the most she could do is call Rogue probably posing for Vogue
but instead she went and told Nightcrawler to call her,
now the Invisible Woman would help me see this that I be this,
some kind of wonderful and to believe this,
now Daredevil’s giving me static about to get dramatic
when out of nowhere came Colossus who had lost us earlier
but blocked the bullets from Daredevil’s automatic,
I had about enough of this so I unleashed my magic mic and blew him away
I melted vinyl

The Punisher met his match so I scratched his Kitty Pryde,
pulled the gun on me crying on the inside,
we didn’t get along back then times were hard
but that was before Professor X discovered Mastercard,
Bishop’s sister Shard and I have Archangel
watching over us at every angle,
my ankle twisted but I heal real fast,
Flash ran by real fast suddenly stopping up ahead
and then we found him,
Omega Red halfway dead
I had to Alpha life flight him to hospitality’s bed,
why did I help our enemy things are better left unsaid,
it’s incredible how the Hulk can hold in anger and sulk,
his depression I suspect caused the Domino effect now how bad can the Gladiator get,
I bet he’s got Silver Fox sell her Goldilocks for profit,
we knew of his diabolic plan but didn’t know how to stop it,
he sent Sentinels but their attack was merely marginal,
injuries included Banshee and particle Sandman and Shocker,
what’s stranger than the doctor,
Medusa had to interrupt Blackbolt shut up
I wouldn’t believe it if I didn’t see it see through Deadpool
don’t play me for the fool Ms. Marvelous,
I’d rather starve than kiss her deadly lips a lady’s Deathstrike
it’s like open season on me,
so i made a crossover call to the Justice League in Washington, D.C.

I’m melting vinyl

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  1. Awesome. My favorite is when he asks Mr. Fantastic to reach around the corner to grab him a pop. But what was with the one DC reference? I suppose Quicksilver ran by real fast doesn’t fit the meter of the line.