Firefox 4 Has Arrived

Mozilla Firefox 4 is out of the oven and ready for your enjoyment.


When I awoke this morning from my NyQuil induced Nerd Slumber, I jumped out of my bed and ran to my computer. Today was the day I have so patiently been waiting for. I made it through the countless betas and thoroughly tested the release candidates and my reward has finally come. Firefox 4 is here and trust me when I say, it does not disappoint.

I have attempted to gain the fastest, yet most feature rich browsing experience for quite some time. I have cycled through Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, and then back to Firefox. Internet Explorer requires too many complex settings to be enabled or disabled and has little to no support for add-ons. Firefox had the easy setup I required and plenty of add-ons to make me happy; It just needed some serious speed boosts. Google Chrome is a very nice alternative and kept me pretty happy for a few months, but with no support for a few add-ons I came to love and need, I had to venture back to Firefox.

Today’s release of the 4th official version of Mozilla Firefox has rang in a new day of productivity, efficient download speeds, and more upgrades to the already beautiful user interface. I can admit that a lot of the UI’s look and feel were leeched from the Google Chrome interface but the overall performance boosts set them apart in a very good way. Everyone has their own pros and cons for each browser. Which one do you prefer and why? Hit the link to download Firefox 4[Mozilla Firefox]

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  1. I’m hesitant to download it, as my favorite add-on (scientific calculator in the status bar) didn’t work on the beta versions.

    I am glad that you can switch tabs back to the bottom, because I hate tabs on top a la Chrome…