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If you haven’t heard of this show yet you wouldn’t be the first person I’ve told to watch Orphan Black. The show was one of 2013’s hidden gems, and next to The Walking Dead was a weekly must see. The show focuses around Sarah Manning, a mis-guided single mom who ends up taking the identity of her clone, Elizabeth Childs, after witnessing Beth’s suicide by train. As the series progresses Sarah learns that Beth wasn’t the only clone out there.
This series dives deep into the cloning world, questioning the ethics behind the practice itself. But given the jacked-up events in the series and all the plot twists, the best part has to be the acting of Tatinana Maslany, who plays all 7 clones you see in the series. All the women are completely different in look and personality and Tatinana pulls it off flawlessly.
If you haven’t had a chance check out the season 1 of Orphan Black, the first 2 episodes are a little bit slow for my taste but after that it really gets going.

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