NBC Television Renewals!

It’s that time of year again! Loyal audiences get to find out what programs the fickle networks pick up for next year and which ones get the brutal ax! NBC has officially announced renewals for most of its Thursday night comedy line up of “30 Rock”, “The Office,” “Community” and “Parks and Recreation.”
Less likely to be renewed, but no official announcement, are “The Event”, “Outsourced” and “Law and Order: LA.”
Shows on the fence, but looking good for renewal are “Law and Order: SVU,” “Harry’s Law” and “Parenthood”.
And hopefully this isn’t wishful thinking, but it looks like NBC will be renewing “Chuck,” for a fifth season with at least 13 episodes for a fall kick off. This is excellent news as Chuck has become a mainstay for NBC on Monday nights, but has never garnered enough respect from the network in my opinion. Every year the show seems to be on the fence for renewal, yet it has one of the most loyal audiences. Plus, let’s be honest, NBC is lingering in oblivion when it comes to good shows.

What are your thoughts on NBC’s televisino lineup?



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