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I can officially say that I have been initiated into the Netflix community by binge watching the political drama that is going on it’s third season. You may ask why has Logan been so quiet lately and the answer is House of Cards. I have heard quite the buzz about this show around the internet and mostly from close friends and family. So what is this show all about? Is it more politics schmolotics that no one gives a shit about or does this show have substance? That was the question that was holding me back for the past two seasons and after some convincing, I checked it out recently. There was no turning back.

From episode 1, up until episode 26, and little over a week later, I was left on the edge of my seat wanting more. Kevin Spacey has crafted his artistic masterpiece in the character of Francis Underwood, the congressman that rises to power. With his southern hospitality and quick wit, Frank Underwood is the perfect politician, or so we think. As death ensues over these two season and Mr. Underwood washes the blood off his hands, we see the real side of Washington, D.C. Is this a graphic depiction of what goes down behind the closed doors of the West Wing? We are introduced to a team of many powerful and political misfits that can pull the strings on any person that gets in their way. This was proven with a few main characters getting whacked early on in the series and only more victims along the way to Francis Underwood’s path to presidency.

What can I say, I have been a huge fan of Kevin Spacey since American Beauty and his portrayal of Lester Burnham, the mid-life crisis, pot smoking suburban dad. It was his focus on the character and throwing in his signature, sly-sarcasm. Over the years, Spacey developed into more serious roles, but the Netflix original series is his Monet. From the rise to the Presidency, Spacey utilizes tactics much like the Walter White character in Breaking Bad, which shows what power can do to a person and create a ruthless murderer. Behind Spacey, is a phenomenal cast such as Robin Wright, who plays his wife, Claire Underwood. Michael Kelly as Doug Stamper, his creepy lap dog assistant that stops anyone trying to bring Francis down. Along the way, there has been quite the ensemble of antagonists that have bumped heads with ole President Underwood, some have made it out alive, and some not so lucky. But at this point, it’s more a question of who the good guy is? Don’t let the infamous Underwood “sweet southern tea” camera anologies fool you, he’s a master of manipulation.


Earlier this month, the third season was leaked on Netflix, and many fans were able to catch a glimpse of the newest season and what is in store for the Underwood’s on Capital Hill. There have been some reviews surfacing about season 3, but I have steered clear of those until February 27th, when the season is released via Netflix. What will happen this season? How much further can Frank and Claire go? They are the modern, political Bonnie and Clyde that are disgustingly perfect for one another.
I visited Capital Hill last summer for a work project and could see how D.C. can hold a dreary shadow over the many consipiracies and secrets it hides. It’s a stamp on our country that has seen its share of political leaders over the past few centures and House of Cards is the perfect example of hows politics are “handled” in 2015. I am not a follower of current world affairs or political standings by any means, but this Netflix series is a fictional depiction of what’s really happening at our nation’s capital. The overall message is if you want something bad enough, you will do anything, and hurt anyone along the way until you reach that goal. The world is a scary place these days and you have to watch your step before stomping on any toes. Frances Underwood is a man that I would never want to cross in an alley and is the perfect reason that everyone should watch this series. It’s ruthless, manipulative, authentic and in your face. It’s what is bringing the Netflix network to a different platform for original series and will continue to do so as the series progresses.

Check out the season 3 premiere on February 27th, 2015.

Season 1 + 2:
Out of 5 Nerd Skulls
Story: 5/ Acting: 5 / Directing: 5 / Visuals: 5
OVERALL: 5 out of 5 Nerd Skulls


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