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Fox has pretty much told the world its plans for the upfronts early, so much of this is already confirmed. In a confident yet rarely seen move, they axed everyone of their shows that many speculated as being on the bubble. These included “Lie to Me,” Breaking In,” “Traffic Light,” “The Chicago Code” and “Human Target.” Fan favorite show “Fringe,” which many perceived to be on the fence, was renewed for a full season last week. I personally fell out of watching Fringe, but loved the first two seasons. I’m really happy to see Fox sticking with this show and I can’t wait to catch up on the series. However, I’m still pretty pissed with the network for canceling “The Sarah Connor Chronicles” in favor of “Dollhouse.” Especially with the cliffhanger they left us with John being stranded in the future alone. Excellent choice Fox, where’s Dollhouse now?
Anywho, doing our math, that means only two new shows from this year made the cut, “Raising Hope” and “Bob’s Burgers.” On a side note, if you have not seen these two comedies, check them out immediately. Both are hilarious in their own right.
Fox has also announced renewals for “Glee,” “The Cleveland Show,” “Bones” and “House.”
Let us know what you think about Fox’s decisions. Do you agree or disagree?


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  • Fringe is one of my favorite shows on TV.

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