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Tech Jacket Returns To Image Comics With All New Mini-Series

In surprising news at the Image Expo today, it was announced by Robert Kirkman that Tech Jacket would be making a dramatic reentry into the comic world with a 3 issue mini series set to release simultaneously in digital format in 2014. The Series being taken over by Joe Keatinge is no surprise since this […]Read More

Fit To Lead: Joel vs Rick

After recently finishing Last of Us, as well as just finishing this weeks episode of The Walking Dead, a question popped into my head. Given the 2 possible Zombie apocalypse scenarios, who would you rather have on your side: Rick Grimes (from the TV series) or Joel from Last of Us? For me this was […]Read More

Roger’s Comic Round Up – Star Wars #4 & Sledgehammer

 Star Wars #4  Writer: Brian Wood Art: Carlos D’Anda Publisher: Dark Horse If you read last month’s review for Issue #3, then you’d know that I appreciated the subtle differences in this series from the larger Star Wars universe. Though they’re a bit jarring at first, they’re just subtle enough to make old characters fresh […]Read More

The Walking Dead series and why it works

Daytime television is ripe with soap operas that specialize in the development of interpersonal relationships. This is nothing more than the interaction of people and developing of stories that intersect and create drama through their manipulation and relationship with each other. The demographic that seems to watch these shows are mostly female, and as such […]Read More