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Triforce Tuesday Gang Sign In The Wild!

We recently spotted the Triforce Tuesday gang sign being thrown up in the wild and wanted to spotlight it on Nerdlocker.com! If you have a picture of yourself and some friends throwing it up, send it to info@nerdlocker.com to be included on the site! Keep reppin’ Hyrule, yo!Read More

Twenty Five Years Of Legend of Zelda Commercials (A Visual

“And the Oscar goes to….. The Legend of Zelda commercial!” {clap} {clap} {clap} “Thank you, thank you. I want to thank Navi for guiding me through my journeys, and Ganon for always giving me something to shoot for….shoot at.” Okay okay let’s face it, a commercial is never going to win an Oscar, let alone […]Read More

Celebrating 25 Years of Zelda (Now With Less Ocarina of

The Zelda franchise is a loved and treasured series that many obsess over. It is a series that continually and reliably pumps out some amazing games and the only complaint people seem to find is the fact that it’s more of the same, every time. To the naked eye, it seems as if they never […]Read More

Introducing The Triforce Tuesday Gang Sign!

Have you and your homies been looking for a way to rep Triforce Tuesday without risking your street cred?! Well, look no further faithful Nerdlocker reader as we unveil the amazing Triforce Tuesday gang sign! Now, whenever your Hyrulian rap battles get heated and you need to declare a victor, you can throw up this […]Read More