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Fantastic Fest 2017 Recap

Hello movie fiends and film freaks! Fantastic Fest 2017 recently took place in Austin, TX and once again, the 8 day film festival was stuffed to the gills with a smorgasbord of international cinematic offerings to devour. Like previous years I went all out, forgoing rest to pack in as many screenings and events as […]Read More

Tim League Responds to AMC Theaters

AMC Theaters recently announced they are considering allowing viewers to use their mobile devices to text during movie screenings. We are more than happy to promote the words of Alamo Drafthouse Founder/CEO Tim League when it comes to the absolutely terrible idea of texting in a theater. Alamo Drafthouse Founder/CEO Tim League believes theaters without […]Read More

Fantastic Fest 2015 Recap: Day 1

Hello friendos! Fantastic Fest and MondoCon ended a few weeks ago and I’ve finally recovered. Like last year, I packed in as many screenings, parties, and events as possible and my plan is to cover them all. The movie lineup was a scorcher. Every slot was like Sophie’s Choice with an array of enticing options. […]Read More

Fantastic Fest 2015 Prep

Hello nerdfolk! If you wonder why I’m foaming at the mouth it’s because I can’t contain my excitement for Fantastic Fest next week. From Thursday, September 24th to Friday, October 2nd, film geeks, press peeps, and industry folks will congregate in Austin, TX for the most fun, least pretentious film festival around. It’s the most […]Read More

Fantastic Fest 2015 Info!

Hello friendos! Fantastic Fest 2015 is creeping up on us and I’m freakin’ pumped! Last year was my first time attending and it was the best week of the year; 8 days at the Alamo Drafthouse on South Lamar in Austin packed with dozens of screenings and crazy-unique events. The programming is eclectic, the vibe […]Read More

Movie Theater Review: Alamo Drafthouse Kalamazoo

Movies transport us.  They allow us to escape reality and travel through time and space to far off destinations.  They let us see things from different perspectives and experience the impossible.  Movie theaters are the vehicles in which we take these journeys and Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas are like state-of-the-art space crafts equipped with all the […]Read More

Alamo Drafthouse Cinema introduces the Alamo 100

For you fans of cinema, Alamo Drafthouse Cinema will be bringing back to the theater what Tim League and his amazing programmers call the Alamo 100. Beginning in January, Alamo theaters will be showing movies from this list on the big screen beginning with classics like City Lights (1931), Monty Python and the Holy Grail […]Read More