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14 Minute preview of Season 4 Game of Thrones

If you are a fan of the series and books you will absolutely love this little gem that HBO dropped yesterday called Game of Thrones Season 4: Ice and Fire: A Foreshadowing. This short be hid the scenes look of the up coming season 4 of Game of Thrones is a enough to get any […]Read More

Mondo 2010 Final Four – Upset City As Stout Fans

Voting for the final four is now LIVE and you can place your votes for your favorite prints HERE! I would have never predicted this. In the immortal words of Chris Berman, “That’s why they play the game!”. I honestly thought we were going to see an all Moss final four, but fans had differing […]Read More

Cartoons: How the Clone Wars and Tron: Uprising have raised

Cartoons. This word almost instantly makes the average adult think of Saturday mornings, when children would be crowded around a television set, bowl of cereal in hand and vegetative to the queries of the parents. For some of us fogies old enough to remember, Saturday was not only cartoon day, there were also the seemingly […]Read More

Doctor Who: Season 7 News

Getting back to the subject I love, I am about to give you all a little information about what is about to happen in the greatest television series ever…Doctor Who. It has been quite a haphazard two months for BBC U.K., also for Doctor Who as both actors, Matt Smith and Karen Gillan, were nominated […]Read More

The Walking Dead series and why it works

Daytime television is ripe with soap operas that specialize in the development of interpersonal relationships. This is nothing more than the interaction of people and developing of stories that intersect and create drama through their manipulation and relationship with each other. The demographic that seems to watch these shows are mostly female, and as such […]Read More

A Nerd’s-Eye View of Terra Nova

It has been an exciting year on television thus far. Steven Spielberg himself has been busy with three television series this year, producing the pilot episode of The River, as well as Executive Producing the musical-dramedy Smash. Steven has also been returning to dinosaurs. Working with Mr. Spielberg is Brannon Braga, whom we all know […]Read More

Doctor Who Hollywood Update

I recently came across some exciting and somewhat troublesome news. There is a Hollywood blockbuster version of Doctor Who in the works. I have a couple reservations about the entire thing, and I’d like to discuss them with you. First, I must say there could not be a better director assigned to the project: David […]Read More