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Nerdlocker Movie Review: Finding Dory

Pixar is back with Finding Dory, the sequel to their wildly successful 2003 hit about a timid, overprotective clownfish who teams up with a forgetful blue tang in order to track down his handicapped son who was captured by scuba divers. Finding Nemo was made for $94 million and it went on to make almost […]Read More

The Walking Dead series and why it works

Daytime television is ripe with soap operas that specialize in the development of interpersonal relationships. This is nothing more than the interaction of people and developing of stories that intersect and create drama through their manipulation and relationship with each other. The demographic that seems to watch these shows are mostly female, and as such […]Read More

A Nerd’s-Eye View of Terra Nova

It has been an exciting year on television thus far. Steven Spielberg himself has been busy with three television series this year, producing the pilot episode of The River, as well as Executive Producing the musical-dramedy Smash. Steven has also been returning to dinosaurs. Working with Mr. Spielberg is Brannon Braga, whom we all know […]Read More

Smurfs Movie Review

Like many others, as a kid I was a big fan of the Smurfs. I loved those little blue people, so when I first heard there was going to be a Smurfs movie I was skeptically excited…until I saw the first trailer. That was my first inkling that this was a bad idea, even with […]Read More