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The King of Queens vs. The guy from Talk Soup…..Becky

Deathlocker hit the interweb to see what all the hu-bub was about surrounding this Becky movie.  What did we find……a grumpy grizzled Nazi Paul Blart dealing with losing his job at the mall in the most healthy way possible, searching for his precious in the woods.  Grab the kiddies, click below, and watch us kill […]Read More

Deathlocker Reacts: The Jack in the Box

Deathlocker Reacts brings you the teaser reaction for the new-ish horror flick “The Jack in the Box”.  To be honest this teaser did not inspire much confidence and our money has this gem heading to a Walmart bargain bin near you.  Hit the link and kill a few minutes with Mr. Hobo Socks and Sir […]Read More