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Bad Moms Movie Review From Your Bosom Buddy

“Can I have a cracker?!” hollers Bigs. “CRAH-CUH!!!” recants Littles. *I draw a long sip of coffee from my mug* It felt obvious to us, that anyone on the outside could see we needed this “Mom Date”. Neither my 36 week pregnant friend nor I were sure what to expect, but we were ready to […]Read More

Nerdlocker Movie Review: Blood Ties

When I first saw the trailer for this I immediately thought of another film called We Own the Night which was directed by James Gray. As the beginning credits began to roll for Blood Ties I saw that James Gray actually wrote the screenplay and so the similarities I feared would be plentiful and they […]Read More

Movie Review – Ted

It doesn’t take much for Seth MacFarlane to steal our attention. He has proven that with over 10 years worth of animated situational comedy. We have watched three different families deal with every single awkward, violent, and overly-sexual issue you can think of. That’s not all, though. The man has had his hands in animated […]Read More