Hero Complex Gallery Presents Craig Drakes 4th Solo Show

Hero Complex Gallery does it again with another killer show from artist Craig Drake. He has an amazing ability to really classy up the joint with his sleek lines and vibrant colors for some of pop cultures favorite movies and icons. Here is what Adam and Craig has to say about this show. For this […]Read More

Filmmaker Dennis Hauck on Too Late and 35mm

Writer/director Dennis Hauck’s debut feature-length film is a cinematic marvel. Filmed entirely on 35mm, Too Late unfolds in five acts, each a 20+ minute take with no hidden cuts or gimmicks. They are the longest 35mm Steadicam shots in cinema history–each using nearly an entire film reel. The reels are presented out of order, and […]Read More

Nerdlocker Movie Review: Too Late

Howdy, film freaks! Writer/director Dennis Hauck’s debut feature-length film is a testament to the glory of cinema. Deliciously old school, Too Late was shot on 35mm and unfolds in five acts, each consisting of a single 20+ minute take. They are the longest 35mm Steadicam shots in movie history, and feature no hidden cuts or […]Read More

Marvel Announces Phase 3! Civil War, Ragnarok, & So Much

We’ve been dooped with “announcements” from third parties before, but this time, the news came straight from the lips of Kevin Fiege at their mystery event today at the El Capitan Theatre in Los Angeles. The Marvel Studios Preseident announced eight films to begin trickling out in 2016 and the audience must have gone absolutely […]Read More

Odd City Presents True Romance by GABZ

Odd City has again partnered with Morgan Creek Productions to bring a new and fully licensed screen print of the 1993 Tony Scott/Quentin Tarantino epic, True Romance, to the eagerly awaiting masses! This time by Polish artists GABZ. If you’ve been paying attention you’ve probably noticed GABZ is a rising star in the screen printed […]Read More