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Mondo’s Tales from the Crypt Gallery Opening!

The Tales from the Crypt television show was originally adapted from the old 1950′s Entertaining Comics, better known as EC Comics.  The folks at Mondo has tapped its regular set of artists and is introducing some new ones that are guaranteed to make your head spin. Mondo will have works from artists like Francesco Francavilla, […]Read More

Advanced Screening of The Book Thief with Markus Zusak

FOREVER FEST PRESENTS AN ADVANCE SCREENING OF THE BOOK THIEF WITH MARKUS ZUSAK Co-Founder of Forever Fest, Brandy Fons has an exciting announcement for fans of The Book Thief. They will have the author Markus Zusak in attendance to answer questions at a special advanced screening of the new movie here in Austin. Below is […]Read More

Nerdlocker Artist Interview – Corey “PeaceDog” Hartman

At Nerdlocker, the staff loves everything pop culture related. In the past several years pop culture screen prints have caught fire thanks to Gallery 1988 and Mondo releases of officially licensed movie screen prints, the perfect fusion of commercial properties and art. Acquiring the art is only half the battle, the other half is properly […]Read More

Nerdlocker Exclusive – Band Interview: Nerd School

In Berlin, Germany, 2009, a two man band at the time under the pseudonym Metal Messiahs Mitte began. In the same year, the band did a guerrilla-like handout of their demo CD to the gathered fans at a Beatsteaks concert. The actual name of the band at the time was still secret, but the demo […]Read More