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Laurent Durieux’s Latest Modes of Transportation Print!

Laurent Durieux is back with his latest Modes of Transportation series! This time he tackles Bodega Bay. Bodega Bay – Regular Size: 24″ x 36″ Edition Size: 450 Notes: 11 color screen printed posters Printed By: Burlesque of North America Bodega Bay – Variant (Alternate Color Way) Size: 24″ x 36″ Edition Size: 185 Notes: […]readmore

Mondo Gallery: Laurent Durieux Part Two

Acclaimed artist Laurent Durieux opens his second solo gallery at Mondo in Austin tonight.     Here are 3 of my favorites so far, but stay tuned for a look at the full gallery tonight at 7pm cst.             For more info on comics, video games, movies and anything else […]readmore

Ford Craftsman Studios Presents The Zeppelin by Laurent Durieux

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, David Ford loves art. So much so that his free time is consumed with producing new art from some of the top artists in the industry. One of his biggest undertakings to date is his project Modes of Transportation series released through Ford Craftsman Studios. Once […]readmore

Psycho Posters: 8 Takes On A Classic

(Hitchcock voice) Good evening, how kind of you to join me. Today is a great day for Hitchcock fans in Houston, especially those who are psycho for Psycho. The 1960 film is playing tonight at Jones Hall with a live score performed by the Houston Symphony Orchestra. I’m super excited to hear Bernard Herrmann’s iconic score […]readmore

Never Grow Up: A Salty Winters Recap

On Friday, April 28th, Mondo and Cyclops Print Works teamed up to present Never Grow Up: A Disney Art Show at the Mondo Gallery in Austin, TX. You may have read my preview which included a recap of the first Mondo/Disney art show, 2014’s Nothing’s Impossible. I’m happy to report that Never Grow Up lived […]readmore

Her Take on Mondo & Disney’s Never Grow Up Gallery

Growing up, we didn’t have much more than family portraits on our walls. Sure, living in Alaska provided us with a few prints here and there of a fireweed framed view of Denali, but we were limited to what was in our backyard. There’d been lithographs from our local stores or the cinema if you […]readmore

Never Grow Up: A Disney Art Show

On March 7, 2014, the House of Mouse teamed up with the undisputed leader of limited edition screenprinted movie posters for one of the best shows in the history of the hobby. The Oh My Disney/Mondo collaboration, Nothing’s Impossible, took place in Austin, TX during SXSW and drew crowds of enthusiastic fans and collectors, many […]readmore

Ford Craftsman Studios Presents Excelsior by Laurent Durieux

David Ford loves art. So much so that his life literally revolves around it. Not only does he collect it, but he tackles huge projects producing it. Case in point, his Modes of Transportation series released through his company Ford Craftsman Studios. His idea was to approach one of the best artists in the business […]readmore

Ford Craftsman Studios Presents Delahaye by Laurent Durieux

After several delays, that’s what happens when you get to work with the most popular artist on the market, Ford Craftsman Studios unveils their latest in the Modes of Transportation series, Delahaye. Ford Craftsman Studios is proud to release the much anticipated second poster in the Modes of Transportation series by Laurent Durieux. The Delahaye […]readmore

Odd City Entertainment Presents The Godfather Part II

There are few examples in film history where the sequel outshines the original. Francis Ford Coppola’s The Godfather Part II is one such film. Odd City Entertainment, much like Coppola, follows up their release of The Godfather with this masterpiece from one of our favorite artists, Laurent Durieux. Godfather Part II (Regular) Artist: Laurent Durieux […]readmore

The Godfather Part I by Laurent Durieux, released by Odd

 Odd City out of Austin, Tx has taken a lot of time off lately from releasing prints, but they are back with a new release by world renowned illustrator, Laurent Durieux This time for the Francis Ford Coppola 1972 classic THE GODFATHER Part I Release and Purchase Information: The LAURENT DURIEUX limited edition GODFATHER prints […]readmore

Laurent Durieux’s Modes of Transportation!

Once upon a time, I made a fantastic trade that truly benefitted both parties. I added to my Star Wars print collection (and nabbed my biggest ISO to date) while David Ford expanded his Aaron Horkey collection. I’m pretty sure we each felt sadness letting our prints go (I know I did), but greater joy […]readmore

Mondo’s Laurent Durieux Gallery Opening!

Since Mondo Gallery’s opening on  3/10/12 we have been giving you photos of the many great events. The latest show by Laurent Durieux will be no different except that its Laurent Durieux and his art is simply put, stunning. According to our sources, he will not only have multiple prints for purchase but he will […]readmore