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KICKSTARTER: Dead Decks Dynasty by Florey

One of our favorite artists has launched his first Kickstarter campaign. What are we to do? Support the hell out of it and let you in on the Nerdy goodness! Designing a deck of cards has been something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. The goal of this Kickstarter Project is to fund […]Read More

Kickstarter Alert: Tim Doyle’s “Unreal Estate” Art Book

Back in early 2012, artist Tim Doyle introduced his very first solo art show at SpokeArt Gallery in San Francisco called UnReal Estate. Through his particular illustration style, Doyle presented images of various fictional locales from television shows, often drawn in a darker or more despondent tone than normally viewed through the television. The first show […]Read More

Ninjabot’s Latest KickStarter

We’ve been big fan of Ninjabot for a long time. To be honest, we much preferred when they lived here in Vegas, but completely understand their need to head to the Pacific Northwest. Doesn’t mean we don’t miss them. Anywho, Ninjabot is back with their latest KickStarter project. It is a fantastically fun project called […]Read More

Kickstart It: The Rattler

Comic books have almost exclusively become the drawing boards for upcoming films in recent years. I’ve seen comics written with the express intent on becoming a feature and miss the mark completely. I feel some writers are losing focus on what matters the most; the story. When I find a title that grabs me, holds […]Read More

Mondo Artist Jay Shaw Helps with funding Austin Indie filmakers

One of Nerdlocker’s favorite artists, Jay Shaw (known to many for his amazing art work including recent work with Mondo), is creating a limited edition print for this film. This numbered poster will NEVER be available outside of this Kickstarter project! This would be an amazing chance to help a great Independent Austin based production […]Read More