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Mondo Gallery Presents Eyes Without A Face 2 by Jason

MONDO PEERS INTO YOUR SOUL WITH GALLERY SHOW EYES WITHOUT A FACE 2 One of our favorite artists (not to mention one of the nicest guys in the world) Jason Edmiston returns to the Mondo Gallery with a huge collection of original art for Eyes Without A Face 2, showcasing 100 new acrylic paintings and […]readmore

Mondo Gallery Presents: Home Featuring Ken Taylor and Jason Edmiston

Rightly so, we’ve been really focused on MondoCon 2016. But tonight… well tonight is dedicated to our friends Ken Taylor and Jason Edmiston. Mondo Gallery presents Home featuring all new original works from two of our favorite artists. Check it out: ABOUT MONDO GALLERY The Mondo Gallery is a permanent art space in Austin, TX […]readmore

Nuvango Gallery Presents In Our Veins, Curated by Jason Edmiston

Later this week a handful of our favorite artists will be in a synergetic pop-cutural art show in Toronto called In Our Veins. Nerdlocker friend Jason Edmiston (check out our interview with him HERE) will be curating his first gallery show with a bunch of his favorite artist friends. What could be better then that? […]readmore

MondoCon II: The Wrap Up

I’ve only been to Austin, Texas twice. Once thirteen years ago. And again this past October. The first time around was with the Ohio University, School of Film for the Austin International Film Festival. I got to meet film icons like Richard Linklater, Shane Black, Eric Red, Jeb Stuart, Christopher McQuarrie and the main man […]readmore

MondoCon 2015 Updates!

I don’t know about you but I am so pumped for this! This for me is like having Christmas and every other holiday all rolled up in one on my BIRTHDAY! So without further ado here is the announcement from Mondo Gallery! Mondo is excited to unveil the lineup of artists, panels and exhibitors for […]readmore

Mondo Gallery Presents: Eyes Without a Face by Jason Edmiston

Rarely do opportunities like this gallery opening occur for true fans. Jason Edmiston created a series of original art at affordable prices. Not only is this dude an amazing artist and an incredibly nice guy, but he also cares for the fans! Jason has had his own show with Mondo once before with his A […]readmore

Jason Edmiston Talks ‘Eyes Without a Face’

This Friday, March 13th artist Jason Edmiston and Mondo will open the doors on Edmiston’s second solo show at the Austin gallery with his new show ‘Eyes Without a Face.’ (to read our previous interview with Jason, click HERE) Edmiston is a master portraitist and with ‘Eyes Without a Face‘ he takes that classic composition to a new […]readmore

Mondo’s Tales from the Crypt Gallery Opening!

The Tales from the Crypt television show was originally adapted from the old 1950′s Entertaining Comics, better known as EC Comics.  The folks at Mondo has tapped its regular set of artists and is introducing some new ones that are guaranteed to make your head spin. Mondo will have works from artists like Francesco Francavilla, […]readmore

Mondo Gallery Show First Look – Jason Edmiston – A

Say hello to Jason Edmiston, a Toronto-based artist who works his magic with paints, watercolors and other mediums. Mondo Gallery here in Austin, Texas has had a piece of Jason’s work in more than a few of their gallery shows in the past and they are always nothing short of amazing. Finally Mondo will be hosting […]readmore