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Nerdlocker Movie Review: The Many Saints of Newark

“You know my feelings: Everyday is a gift. It’s just, does it have to be a pair of socks?” – Tony Soprano You know a show has permanently settled into pop culture when you tell someone who’s a fan of it that you haven’t seen it and they have a conniption fit. I’m guilty of […]Read More

Nerdlocker Movie Review: The Drop

The ground treaded here is well-worn and well-traveled but what The Drop proves is that despite an already heavily trafficked road, new scenery is still awaiting to be discovered. All it takes to make something like the crime genre feel fresh although familiar is a well-crafted script and a top-notch cast to bring some real […]Read More

Movie Review: The Drop

Since first hearing about this film in early 2013, and with the casting news of Tom Hardy, James Gandolfini and Noomi Rapace, The Drop has been one of my most anticipated movies. I’ve always been a huge fan of crime drama, whether it is Scorsese’s classic mafia film GoodFellas, or the groundbreaking HBO series The […]Read More

Austin Connection Movie Review: Killing Them Softly

I’m slightly torn in my feelings about Killing Them Softly. On the one hand I think it could potentially be an excellent addition to the canon of great gangster movies… Goodfellas and The Departed  instantly came to mind after watching this film. On the other hand, there’s something about it that bothers me, itching the […]Read More