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Grey Matter Art Presents Robocop by Gabz

Grey Matter Art has already produced two Robocop prints, so you’d think that maybe the property would get stale. That is not the case at all. This time around Grzegorz Domaradzki (Gabz) tackles Detroit’s supercop and the results are vastly different than those done by Kilian Eng or Matt Ferguson. Gabz’s style shows off more […]Read More

Grey Matter Art Presents Spider-Man Vs. Carnage by Raid 71

Grey Matter Art, under license from Marvel, teamed up with artist Chris Thronley (Raid71) for a new officially licensed, limited edition screen print for the iconic superhero, Spider-Man. The print also featured the insanely (see what we did there) popular symbiote known as Carnage. Check out the final results for yourself: Spider-Man Vs. Carnage Artist: […]Read More

Grey Matter Art Presents Captain America: The Winter Soldier by

Grey Matter Art is back with some more Marvel awesomeness! Check out their first foray with artist Alexander Iaccarino as he tackles Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Check out the final results for yourself: Captain America: The Winter Soldier – Regular Artist: Alexander Iaccarino Size: 24″ x 36″ Edition Size: 225 Price: $45.00 Printed by: […]Read More

Grey Matter Art Presents Haxan By Timothy Pittides

  Grey Matter Art and Timothy Pittides team up again to travel back in time to produce a screen print for the 1922 silent film Haxan: Witchcraft Through The Ages. This team has most definitely found a sweet spot in the industry with Tim’s style and their film choices. Check it out for yourself: Haxan: […]Read More

Grey Matter Art Presents Silence of the Lambs by Florian

Grey Matter Art turns back to their horror roots with their latest print, Silence of the Lambs. And what better way to attack this Academy Award winning film than reconnecting with Florian Bertmer who absolutely crushed The Texas Chainsaw Massacre print he did for GMA a little while back. Check out the final results for […]Read More

Nerdlocker Artist Interview: Grey Matter Art

Obviously we like Nerdy art here at Nerdlocker. We’ve done a ton of artist interviews over the years. But we rarely peek behind the curtain and look at the companies producing the Nerdy goodness. Today we break that tradition by sitting down with Mike Gregory and Jared Dobbs, the brains behind Grey Matter Art. Nerdlocker […]Read More

Grey Matter Art Presents RoboCop

Once upon a time, a cop just wanted to ensure his hometown was a safe place to raise a family. That dream was crushed when he and his partner happened onto a brutal gang of thugs. He died doing his job. The death of Murphy in RoboCop has haunted me since the first time I […]Read More

Grey Matter Art Presents The Hulk by Anthony Petrie

Okay. I may have a problem. Well in truth, I only have a problem because my wife insists I buy too many posters. So I guess it comes down to the definition of problem. Speaking of which, Grey Matter Art is releasing their latest Marvel licensed screen print, of which I am proud to say […]Read More

Grey Matter Art Presents RoboCop by Matt Ferguson

Man o man, the gang at Grey Matter Art do great work. And that’s an understatement. Their archive of posters is truly impressive. So it should come as no surprise that when they tackle a new license from a studio they have never worked with before, they’d put one of their top guys on the […]Read More

EXCLUSIVE-Tim Pittides and Grey Matter Art reveal VICES

As we view Tim Pittides final piece in this Grey Matter Art three-part series, Vices, we can’t help but look back at what I can personally say has been my favorite and most anticipated art series in a long time. Take a read of what Tim had to say about this final piece. Well we […]Read More

Artist Interview – Tim Pittides Part II

I recently had an opportunity to chat a little bit with artist Timothy Pittides about his new Vices series with Grey Matter Art and check in to see what he has been up to since our last artist interview three years ago. You can check out our previous interview with Tim – HERE. Nerdlocker (NL): […]Read More

Grey Matter Art Represents at NYCC

New York Comic Con is fast approaching and our friends at Grey Matter Art have several amazing prints to unveil. Mix in a little Tom Whalen, Raid71, Matt Ferguson with a whole bunch of Marvel and we get some amazing prints! First up we have Matt Ferguson continuing his great take on individual Avengers. For […]Read More

Grey Matter Art Presents Ghost Rider By Chris Skinner

If you haven’t figured it out yet, we really like Chris Skinner. Not to mention the fact we really like the work coming out of Grey Matter Art. So when these two team up with a giant like Marvel, we take notice. So with out adieu, here’s the latest Marvel license from Grey Matter Art, […]Read More

Grey Matter Art Presents Explorers by Francesco Francavilla

I remember seeing Explorers in our little two screen theater in Medina, Ohio. I don’t remember who I was with or much of the film itself, but I do remember the awe of the adventure and being creeped out by the aliens. Oh yeah, and their home life seemed pretty slovenly too. I vaguely remember […]Read More

Grey Matter Art Presents Rambo III by Marko Manev

I remember being 11 years old staying in a condo in Florida during the Christmas holidays with my family. My parents ushered my sisters and me into bed early one night. I was incredulous to say the least. Why in the hell would my parents do this to me! I snuck out to find my […]Read More

Grey Matter Art Presents Iron Man by Matt Ferguson

Grey Matter Art is taking a break from their horror roots with a fantastic ode to the original Marvel Studios superhero, Iron Man. Check it out and let us know what you think! Iron Man Artist: Matt Ferguson Size: 24×36 Regular Edition(GID): 300 Price: $50.00 Printed by: D & L Screen Printing Check out the […]Read More

Grey Matter Art Presents Evil Dead 2 by Gary Pullin!

Grey Matter Art under license from StudioCanal S.A. presents a new officially licensed, limited edition screen print by the very talented artist, Gary Pullin for the classic horror film, Evil Dead 2. There is also a glow in the dark variant edition with the variant edition. This is the first collaboration between Grey Matter and […]Read More