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New Tekken Movie Announced

What has Demons, evil corporate bad guys and flying pandas!?!   The answer is the next Tekken movie, Tekken: Blood Vengeance. Now if any of you remember the live action version released just last year you might be a little worried.  I know I was, but there is some hope seeing that NAMCO went the same […]Read More

FINAL FANTASY Versus XIII Trailer 2011

Newest trailer from the folks at Square Enix. FF13 seems to be set in the more modern time period with urban landscapes, robots and more guns than previous version. The change in time and setting gives the game a way different feel and different over all look, which some people might now like. But for […]Read More

Dissidia duodecim prologus Final Fantasy Hits PSN 3/15 with Lightning,

Sony Playstation: 5 MORE DAYS!!! That’s how long you’ll have to wait to get your hands on DISSIDIA duodecim prologus FINAL FANTASY. In case I’ve forgotten how to count, that means prologus will be available March 15th exclusively via the PlayStation Network for $2.99. The details will be posted on the official site later today. […]Read More