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Jason’s Vault – Age of Apocalypse

There are multiple reasons why I’ve put this comic series in the vault this week.  One, is that X-men: First Class just opened.  Another is that The Uncanny X-Force has Wolvie and the gang going to the Age of Apocalypse to stop Archangel from turning into the heir of Apocalypse.  Also, Flashpoint is looking like […]Read More

Jason’s Corner – Flashpoint

I admit it.  I fell for the button promotion.  For every issue of the Flashpoint storyline, you get a free button.  So I bought them all and I will buy all the rest so that I can have all the buttons.  Yep.  Sucker.   Still, I am geeked about this series.  If the rumors that this […]Read More

Jason’s Corner – Wolverine’s Revenge

So you probably haven’t noticed, but I haven’t posted anything to my little corner of Nerdlocker in over a month.  So, over Memorial weekend I’ve been on a nerdy binge and have vomited up three articles. After spending a small fortune at the comic book store catching up on all I’ve been missing, I decided […]Read More

Jason’s Vault – Fantastic Four #348

In connection to my review on FF #1 and Fear Itself #1 (the variant cover), I am recommending Fantastic Four #348.  Like many Fantastic Four stories, the plot leaves something to be desired.  It involves a rogue Skrull trying to find an egg so that when it hatches the creature will bond to it’s new […]Read More

Jason’s Corner – What the FF?

I have never been a fan of the Fantastic Four.  I never much cared that they were going to kill one of them off and cancel the series.  I suppose I hoped that it would be Mr. Fantastic.  But didn’t he die back in the 90s?  Still, killing off the Human Torch made the most […]Read More

Jason’s Bracket – March Nerdness: The Champion!

When determining the champion, I thought about doing something lame like declaring that neither of them wins.  You know, like all those crossover comics where the two heroes battle until they figure out they’re both on the same side and join forces to defeat the true villain. I also thought it would be funny to […]Read More

Jason’s Bracket – March Nerdness: The Championship

You knew it would come down to this.  The baddest superheroes of their respective universes.  Batman and Wolverine. How did Wolverine defeat Dark Phoenix?  Well, if you didn’t see X3, I really don’t blame you.  I’ve tried to purge it from my memory.  But the last scene where Wolvie gets all close and personal before […]Read More

Jason’s Corner – Flash Thompson is no Venom…yet.

After reading the Venom story from The Amazing Spider-man 654.1, I wasn’t expecting much from this book.  At first I hated the idea of Flash Thompson as the new Venom.  It’s not fair that the bully gets to be a hero. Let’s go back in the way-back-machine.  Flash used to be Spider-man’s biggest fan and […]Read More

Jason’s Corner – NOW why is Peter upset?

While scanning the shelves of my new favorite local comic shop for a Marvel issue to review this week, the cover alone of The Amazing Spider-man #655 warranted further exploration.  The solid white background makes the kneeling, mask-less Peter Parker stand out dramatically while the red spider web beneath him resembles cracked glass.  What tragic […]Read More

Jason’s Corner – When a person is insane, does he

I know that Batman:  80 Page Giant #1 came out before Christmas.  But there is a story in there that is worth mentioning and that you may have missed. “Reality Check”, Peter Miriani and Szymon Kudranski, is an excellent first person narrative by the Joker. The most brilliant part of the story is not when Joker […]Read More

Jason’s Corner – Batman: Hidden Treasures #1

Do you ever wonder if there are stories written for your favorite hero that never see the light of day?  Have you ever mused that there is a comic in some editor’s bottom drawer where Sabretooth reveals to Wolverine that he really is his father.  Maybe it even includes a two page splash where Wolverine […]Read More

Love Of Comic Books Bring Couple Together!

Who says “Preacher” wasn’t a romantic comic? Just in time for Valentine’s Day, the View News posted the story of Las Vegas comic shop owner Ralph Mathieu and wife Katharine Keller, who recount how they met through their love of comics. You want romance? Check this: he proposed to his wife through the letter pages […]Read More

Jason’s Corner – Green Lantern: Secret Origin

  Green Lantern: Secret Origin is a collection of Green Lantern issues 29 – 35 written by Geoff Johns and penciled by Ivan Reis. The story arc retells the origin of Green Lantern while also tying it into the recent development of the other colored rings (you will see the various symbols appear in the […]Read More

Jason’s Vault – “The Tower of Babel”

While Jason’s Corner feeds my narcissistic desire to express my opinions on more recent books, Jason’s Vault is aimed at featuring comics that would definitely be amongst the back issues and, dare I admit, might even have been published before some readers were born! The first entry is inspired by the return of my favorite […]Read More

Jason’s Corner – Undead Heroes

Whenever playing superheroes with my seven-year-old son, who always chooses to be Batman, I unquestionably choose to team-up with the Dark Knight as the Emerald Warrior. Who wouldn’t want to possess a ring that can create a green version of anything you can possibly imagine? And outside of Arkham, is there any villain as cool […]Read More