Zerofriends & Blonde Grizzly Present: “SCUMDANCE: Celebrating the Villainous Scum of the Silver Screen”


This Friday, Jan 18th, in Salt Lake City, UT, coinciding with the first day of the Sundance Film Festival, a few (zero)friends and Alex Pardee are celebrating the lives of their favorite movie villains (as well as a few heroes, a couple of kids and some intergalactic rascals sprinkled in) by presenting a brand new collection of over 100 new paintings and drawings exclusively at their favorite Salt Lake City art-hideout, the BLONDE GRIZZLY GALLERY

Friday, Jan 18th 6-10PM At Blonde Grizzly 213 East 300 South Salt Lake City, UT (801)355-9075

There’s a LOT more to see in person so go down to the gallery if you are around Salt Lake City, and if not, the show (as well as any original paintings for sale) will go online at Blonde Grizzly the following day. But here are a few samples of what will be on display and online.

Jon Wayshak

Dave Correia


Robert Bowen

Alex Pardee ( My personal Favorites of the show)

Blonde Grizzly is an art gallery and retail space. We exhibit local and national artists, offering contemporary, illustrated and narrative work. Shows feature single artist and group exhibits which are often centered on a theme. As a retail space, Blonde Grizzly peddles art-related goods, rarities and handmade crafts from exhibiting artists.

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