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Over the last decade, a new form of artistic expression found it’s way into the pop-culture spotlight through the popularity of screen-printed alternative movie poster art. While initially only being produced by a few galleries and artists, the work that was created was enough to capture both the eyes of soon-to-be fans, and the contents of their wallets. Recently, the field has opened up as more galleries, artists, and companies look to make their own mark in the field. One of those companies, DaVinci’s Dreams, is hoping to do just that with the premiere of their first print release.

“Our vision is simple – focus on the collector and all else will follow. We’ve always admired the works of Leonardo Da Vinci and consider him to be one of the most diversely talented individuals to have ever lived – a true Renaissance Man who dreamt far beyond his time. In his image, DaVinci’s Dreams will strive to create products that push the collecting market into new horizons.”

-Pardeep Bains, Creative Director

Working with the amazingly talented French illustration duo Stan & Vince, DaVinci’s Dreams is honored to release a beautiful officially licensed screen print for James Cameron’s iconic 1984 film, The Terminator. When asking Stan & Vince why doing a print for The Terminator was so easy to say “yes” to, the answer was simple according to them. “The Terminator is a movie we have cherished since we were in our teens, and because the film is regarded as the first public success of James Cameron, whose vision we have always admired.”

The Terminator by Stan & Vince

Approaching such an iconic film in itself would have been daunting, but paying respect to the tone of the film was extremely important as well. “As with all poster projects we handle, we try to find the right balance between the ‘retro’ feel, and the necessity to conceptualise a poster that would please us and the audience of today,” said Stan & Vince. The duo settled on the chase scene between the Terminator, Sarah and Kyle after their confrontation at the Tech-Noir club for part of the composition of their print, while an enflamed endoskeleton fills the remaining space. They then enlisted the help of their graphic designer François “Pepe” Willenz, to assist with the typography.

However, the artistic process didn’t end with the final artwork.  When it came time to discuss ideas for a variant option of the print, the inspiration came pretty quickly. “For the variant, it was impossible to not think about a full red poster, to make it like it was seen through the eyes of the Terminator,” says the duo. And when the idea for an additional variant came up, they had an idea to make it even more awe-inspiring. “For the additional variant, we chose to change the colors to red & blue to remind the viewer of the colors of an old VHS cover. On top of that we added a special metallic layer on the endoskeleton.”

The Terminator by Stan & Vince will be available for sale in three editions on Monday, March 7th at 4:00pm GMT in the DaVinci’s Dreams store.

Regular Edition
9 Colors
White 250gsm
Limited to 325 copies

T-800 Edition
9 Colors
White 250gsm
Limited to 175 copies

Tech-Noir Edition
10 Colors (including 1 Metallic)
White 300gsm
Limited to 50 copies

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