Support The Ninjabot Kickstarter!

Hopefully by now, most of you know that we love nerdy art. On top of that, we truly go out of our way to promote top quality local artists. Last year we did an interview with a Las Vegas creative team called Ninjabot. You can read that interview here.

We wanted to check back in with our favorite artist couple and found they are working on a Kickstarter project. I love the idea for the series of prints they are working to fund. Chances are you know the origins of just about every super hero, whether it be from reading the comic books, watching the movie or just have a really nerdy friend who won’t shut up about it.

Ninjabot is taking it to the next level by capturing that origin story in a single image. Appropriately enough, the series is called ORIGIN. Take a good long look at them below. Something new catches my eye every time I look at them. And try as I might, I can’t pick a favorite. Every time I do, I find myself defending a different print as to why it’s the best.


Perhaps the best part of this Kickstarter project is that it’s already fully funded, so Ninjabot is working on their stretch goals. What does this mean for you, the potential supporter? It means you don’t have to be disappointed by pledging money, but finding out in the end the project died because it didn’t receive enough support. I have experienced that feeling of dispair several times and it sucks. Ninjabot’s project will happen! And as of last night, they achieved their first stretch goal! With over 20 days left they are aiming to take down Stretch Goal #2, which means even more goodies for the supporters! That’s quite impressive!

So please, take a look at their campaign – The Ninjabot Kickstarter and truly consider supporting a great project and fantastic creative team.


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