Russ Moore and Nakatomi Inc. Present “The Hunter of Zebes”


Not too long ago we did an interview with an extremely talented up and coming artist by the name of Russ Moore (read the interview here). Today he is back enforce with an amazing take on the classic Nintendo game Metroid!

“The Hunter of Zebes” will be available on Nakatomi in the Art Prints section of the store Tuesday, June 5, 2012, sometime around 2pm CST (Click Here). We will tweet about it as soon as it’s available, so follow us on Twitter @nerdlocker, and don’t forget to follow Nakatomi Inc as well @nakatomitim for all their updates.

It’s been far, far too long since we’ve had a Russ Moore print on the site! Russ’s last print in this series- “The Hero’s Triumph” Did so well and Sold out on Nakatomi Inc. so fast, there is no reason this one will not fly off the shelves metaphorically speaking.
“The Hunter of Zebes” is Russ’ tribute to the SNES classic! This LUSH 7 color print features Florescent Green ink, Silver Metallic clouds in the sky, and it GLOWS IN THE DARK! Russ really pulled out all the printing tricks with this one.

-Alex Fugazi

Here are some photos that Russ took of the print himself.

The Hunter of Zebes


The Ship Detail
The Sky Detail

Nakatomi Inc. has a second print dropping as well. An awesome “Primus” print by Tim Doyle himself. As if that weren’t enough, they are currently running a promotion for a special free print that will help you collect the complete Blade Runner series of Key players. Keep up to date on that and more in THE STUFF BLOG! section of their website.

As always, stay tuned to Nerdlocker for all your artist news and notes!



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