Rainbolt Report – Jay Shaw (Iron Jaiden) is the Third Academy Award Mondo Artist


Nerdlocker recently reported that Mondo had partnered with the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences to archive all prints for their research library. The announcement also included two of the four posters that would be released with the Academy Awards this Sunday.

The third poster in the series has now also been announced, and it just so happens to be by a fabulous artist who was recently featured in an exclusive interview with Nerdlocker (read it here). Jay Shaw (Iron Jaiden) has had an incredible February already with two other screen prints having been released, and he’ll close out the month with his Mondo Oscar print for Michael R. Roskam’s Bullhead.

This film has been nominated for the Best Foreign Language Film and it seems only fitting that Shaw be the man to convert such a masterful film to a screen print. He has a huge love for Polish movie posters; they’re often adventurous, experimental and abstract. This love for that type of poster is apparent in the print. Simply put, Jay Shaw did an amazing job. Let us know what you think about the print and which poster you’ll be trying to pick up!

Update: All four prints will go on sale at a random time during the Academy awards ceremony Here MONDO

Jay Shaw - Bullhead

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