Rainbolt Report – New Flesh’s Nosferatu evening and new prints


Photos courtesy of Jose Gonzalez - 2012
Recently New Flesh Prints of Austin decided to have a small get-together and a screening of Nosferatu, with live music by Austin-based band Tactics, to celebrate the release of their new screen prints for the haunting silent film classic Nosferatu in a small little hole-in-the-wall bar. There has got to be something said about eating blood sausage with blood corpuscle relish, listening to local Austin band Tactics and watching Nosferatu projected on multiple walls while the band is playing music that fits the movie perfectly.

It was like watching your own live version of “Dark Side of the Rainbow.” This duo of artists and one hired goon that run the show there at New Flesh Prints seem to be exploding with some amazing prints. We recently had an interview with artists Vince and N.E. here, and you can tell they are stepping up their game with their creations, the perfect example being their recent Nosferatu silkscreen print set.

Each screen print is in a different colorway that represents the colors that were used in the original movie. Here’s a brief history of the color/tinting of the original Nosferatu:

Nosferatu must have been in color at the time of its release in 1922 – ‘tinted’ and perhaps also ‘toned.’ We make this assumption not only because this was normal in Germany at the time, but also because a vampire does not walk around in broad daylight, as he does in all the black-and-white prints of the film. A definite indication that Nosferatu was intended to be colored was found in act five of the film. In the shot where the wind blows a candle out, in this exact place, there was a splice, demonstrating that the sections before and after had been printed separately, the first to be colored yellow or orange for candle-light and the second blue or green, for night and moonlight.”

Also see this highlight video:

This event was amazing for many reasons but the guys at New Flesh Prints have done it again with some really snazzy adventurous prints for an iconic movie. Who would have thought that having a live band and a dual-wall projection screening of Nosferatu in a small cozy venue would be so memorable? I was not prepared to have my mind blown.

But that’s exactly what happened; it was one of the most memorable events I have had the pleasure of attending in a long time. I think it was the small details that made everything fit, the company I was with, or just having the pleasure of enjoying the live musical accompaniment that made the show feel so perfect. The location was also a treat. I could have easily passed right by it a dozen times and still not have noticed it: The VORTEX and The Butterfly Bar Austin.

Also memorable were the blood sausage hotdogs being served up by Austin local dog-slinger DOGellos and the little things they put on those blood sausage hotdogs called Roasted Corpuscle Hot Dog Relish. Oh, and did I mention the rainy weather outside pushed this evening inside and made it that much cozier? All of these elements combined to create a perfect evening with a group of friends and local artists.

New Flesh has been pushing out some amazing screen prints from day one but they’ve really stepped up their game with these Nosferatu trio prints (also sold as individual colorways). I have noticed they are doing a lot more with local drive-in Blue Starlite Theater here in Austin. They have recently created a few gems like Rear Window and The Birds for some Hitchcock showings at the Blue Starlite.

The Nosferatu event was all-in-all a great evening and the little extra-special niceties made the evening that much more memorable. I take my hat off to New Flesh Prints for putting together a show that will not only be remembered in my mind, but also my soul, and I will have three framed reminders to hang on my wall.


For more info on New Flesh Prints please go to their website and sign up for their newsletter to see when their new prints drop. For local Austin folks, the Tactics have shows coming up on April 26 at the Carousel in Austin and on April 28 at the Green Parrot in San Marcos as part of the Mr. Fest. As always, a warm healthy thanks to the New flesh Prints team for a wonderful time and the invitation to partake in such an epic evening.

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