Rainbolt Report – Drive Blu-ray drop, Ken Taylor Screen Print Drop and Movie Review Bundle


Drive…wasn’t this movie out a few months ago? didn’t this movie get on a ton of people’s top 10 list for 2011? An incredible fast-paced ride directed by Danish director Nicolas Winding Refn blew my mind once again. With a leading man Like Ryan Gosling a few of the other more notable characters get lost in the movie, like Bryan Cranston who plays the role of Shannon Gosling’s character’s mentor, and this is by far one of Albert Brooks’ best roles as mobster Bernie Rose. The unnamed driver had Steve McQueen written all over him, so I was hooked.

Albert Brooks

Carey Mulligan, who played Irene, looked stunned throughout the whole movie and offered up a few smiles now and again, also a small roll by Christina Hendricks had her moments. I have no idea why they added Ron Perlman, he really adds nothing to the movie except annoyance.

Enough about the movie itself, now welcome another special event at the Alamo Drafthouse to make everyone a bit jealous. I am really sorry but Austin sometimes has really great showings/poster drops and stars showing up unannounced. Yeah, that shit really happens here on a regular basis.

So tonight was no different, January 31st was not just another night for MONDO and Alamo Drafthouse. They had a radical idea to do a Blu-ray release showing of the Ryan Gosling movie Drive, and lo and behold a screen print that has been long overdue.

The Driver and his Mentor

There was a lot of speculation as to why a Drive print got canceled before the movie came out in the theater, but after reading the interview with MONDO at the AIGA Q & A with Justin Ishmael and Rob Jones, we knew why.

As with all of MONDO/Alamo Drafthouse release showings, it’s a big deal, but we only had a few days to get prepared for this and we had no idea who the artist for the print release was. Rumors swirled around the poster and print community like bad folk legend; it could be a simple giclee with a no-name artist or a super popular screen print artist that MONDO has been using for the last few years. No one really knew.

What we did know during the last week was that MONDO was going to release a screen print for this Blu-ray drop but that was it, except maybe the first 19 people in line would be eligible for the free Blu-ray of Drive. That was enough for me to show up a bit early to try and nab one. I normally don’t enter these contests but I sure would enjoy watching this movie on a large screen TV in crisp, clean Blu-ray technology.

Early Lineup for Drive

So the evening started out simply enough with a large group of folks showing up early for the 7:30pm showing. I’m talking folks started to line up at 3pm. Yes, you read that correct, three in the afternoon for a 7:30pm showing. This is how much people in Austin love, I mean LOVE, free shit. It really means a lot to Austenites to get free swag.

Back to the evening at hand. As we all began to show up and hang out like clockwork, we would hear the usual folks calling your name as you arrived and got in line, we began to recognize the usual suspects that show up to all the Alamo/MONDO events. The buzz begins about who is the artist and is Ryan Gosling really showing up to the screening. Yes, that was one rumor. The evening started out just as perfect as can be as we made our way to the comfy seats we know so well at the Alamo. We got to watch funny previews of Ryan Gosling doing an interview for Crazy Stupid Love, reading internet memes about “Hey Girl” (which was entertaining for about five minutes).

Then it was time, and Justin Ishmael, Creative Director at MONDO Tees (the art boutique of the Alamo Drafthouse) rolled up on stage in his traditional tank top, Jordan high-tops and positive upbeat attitude, announced “We are all here to see Drive in glorious 35 MM, right?” The crowd erupted.

Fan Jacket

I will have to say watching this in a big theater reminded me of why we spend the extra money to see a movie like Drive in a big theater. The chase scenes are of a grand scale and are super-fast paced so much that if we even saw this on a 70-inch screen on pay-per-view at home we would miss something. The soundtrack bumped and vibrated my seat as I drank my beer. There was a feeling of acceptance at one point that I’m in a theater with a bunch of like-minded movie goers who enjoy food and beer as much as I do, and we are all going to be introduced to an exclusive silk screen print of this head-stomping, razor-blade-slashing, nonstop action movie.

As the movie started winding down and I could feel myself skooch back in my seat after moving ever so slightly towards the edge as the action got heavier, I started to miss the soundtrack I had been playing in my truck all week. It’s what keeps you paced to the action of the movie, the soundtrack by Cliff Martinez (the former drummer most known for his work with Red Hot Chili Peppers), has an amazing score that just keeps you going through the whole movie.

Redeemable for a badass Drive screen print

As the credits rolled, Justin Ishmael came back up on stage and explained to us that we all received a really cool Scorpion ticket at the beginning of the show and that is to be redeemed for a limited edition screen print of Drive by none other than Australia’s own Ken Taylor.

Melbourne-based illustrator & designer Ken Taylor works primarily within the music industry and is predominantly well-known for his striking rock posters. The guy knocks them out of the park each and every time when it comes to movie prints. I have only see a few other Drive posters on the net, mostly stuff I wouldn’t even come close to framing, but this was the only one I could say would make it to my wall.

And here is the end result of Ken’s hard work:

MONDO will have a limited number of these up for sale on their website at a random time on Thursday, February 2nd. If you would like to see more of Ken Taylor’s work, go check out his website and/or subscribe to MONDO’s newsletter for MONDO drops, or sign up for MONDO’s twitter.

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