Hero Complex Galaxy presents : Quattro 2 : Electric Shotgun Boogaloo


Wow, its been a full year? Nerdlocker is back again covering the amazing  Hero Complex Gallery Quattro2 : Electric Shotgun Boogaloo art show.

And back are all four artists, Vance Kelly, Matt Ryan Tobin, New Flesh, and James Rheem Davis under one roof at the same time, again!

Rainbolt could not make it because of work reasons but we have Poster Nerd Steven Piper and his wife, both of whom are from Austin, Texas, to witness the awesomeness live! Check out his photo gallery below:


Photos Steven and Jen Piper

Be sure to come by Hero Complex Gallery (located at 2020 South Robertson Blvd., Studio D, Los Angeles, CA 90034) and check out the Quattro 2: Electric Shotgun Boogaloo exhibit that will be available for viewing until .

To be continued next year at Quattro 3: Season of the Electric Shotgun

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