Nuvango Gallery Presents In Our Veins, Curated by Jason Edmiston




Later this week a handful of our favorite artists will be in a synergetic pop-cutural art show in Toronto called In Our Veins. Nerdlocker friend Jason Edmiston (check out our interview with him HERE) will be curating his first gallery show with a bunch of his favorite artist friends. What could be better then that? The list of artists is ridiculous to say the least.

Nuvango Gallery and Jason have wrangled up this stellar lineup to melt your face with new and amazing art work.

This show is very important to me, as I’ve always wanted to pick a group of my favorite painters and draughtsmen and sculptors in the business, most of whom I’ve shared clients with, and got them together in my home city, where there is a huge love for this style of work. Toronto has the same tastes as larger U.S. cities, but doesn’t often get to enjoy the original works in this manner, due to geography, or population. I’m thrilled to not only share wall space with these great people, but to have had a part in crating the works with Nuvango’s staff

– Jason Edmiston

In Our Veins is a collaborative installation and group exhibition which highlights the pop-cultural and pop-art influences of 19 artists from across North America. Nuvango Gallery will be converted into an intimate and curious space reflecting the home or studio of these artists most devoted collector, a character who seems to be stuck between a few decades of pop culture’s past. Moody decor, kitsch accents and nostalgic items will bring visitors to the past, while viewing contemporary representations of this cult aesthetic. In Our Veins was designed to highlight the different channels each of these artists have taken, though they have stemmed from similar cultural roots. From tiki to horror, vinyl to antiques, the gallery will be home to several different disciplines and styles  – showcasing the artist’s very first influences and their latest adaptations.
The show will open February 11 and runs through March 11. The gallery will host an opening night party on February 11, at 8:00 p.m. EST.

Nuvango Goods & Gallery is located at 639 Queen Street West, Toronto, ON, M5V 2B7, Cananda.

Click HERE for more information on the opening reception.

Word around the campfire is that Steven Daily, ScareCrowOven, Alex R. Kirzhner and N.C. Winters will all have prints available for their originals and will be available during the pre-sale.

Here are a few of the originals posted online for the pre-sale today.

About Nuvango:

We’re a team of passionate art lovers dedicated to making great products that showcase the work of our favorite artists from around the globe. We’ve been proudly manufacturing our products at our studio factory in Toronto’s (still up and coming) Junction neighborhood since 2005.

From initial product conception, to the material sourcing and pattern drafting, to the final tags and labels being applied we do it all here in house and it’s glorious. We love being able to oversee every last step of the product creation process and we’re always finding ways to make things better. This past year we added a proper photography studio to the building as well so we can do all of our own photo shoots.

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