Mondo Gallery Presents House Party 2


There are few sequels that live up to the greatness of the original. House Party 2 may just be that rare sequel. We are of course discussing the Mondo Gallery show and not the wonderfully dated Kid ‘n Play movie. But I digress.

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This year’s show looks to be fantastic with the line-up involved. A lot of returning greats like Jason Edmiston, Ken Taylor, Daniel Danger, Rickey Beckett, Becky Cloonan, and of course many more, not to mention some fantastic first timers like Randy Ortiz, Rory Kurtz, Matthew Adis, Jay Ryan, and many more. Oh yeah, and all this original artwork is priced at only $200!

Without further ado, check out the originals yourself:

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Mondo is an art gallery and online store devoted to a passionate love of film, art, music and toys. The company has received global recognition for bringing art back to movie poster design and has emerged as one of the leading curators of classic and contemporary film soundtracks on vinyl. Utilizing the talents of world class artists and designers, Mondo produces limited edition, screen printed posters based on film, television and comic properties, working with the leading entertainment brands including DC Comics, HBO, Marvel, Paramount Pictures, Universal Studios, Walt Disney Studios and Warner Brothers as well as filmmakers like Paul Thomas Anderson, Guillermo Del Toro, Zack Snyder, Quentin Tarantino and Edgar Wright. Based in Austin, TX, Mondo operates out of a permanent gallery space, hosting regular exhibitions featuring a blend of breathtaking original artwork and limited edition screen prints. Mondo aspires to be a creative home for artists and designers to work and have their visions realized, whether through posters, gallery shows, vinyl, apparel or toys. Their first convention in 2014, MondoCon, was a celebration of art, music, film and their creators. Mondo is also recognized by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences with a full archive of film posters as part of their research library. The parent company of Mondo is Alamo Drafthouse.

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