Mondo Gallery Presents: Home Featuring Ken Taylor and Jason Edmiston



Rightly so, we’ve been really focused on MondoCon 2016. But tonight… well tonight is dedicated to our friends Ken Taylor and Jason Edmiston. Mondo Gallery presents Home featuring all new original works from two of our favorite artists.

Check it out:

The Mondo Gallery is a permanent art space in Austin, TX featuring a curated mix of original artwork and limited edition screen prints. Our goal is to showcase and promote artists from around the world, and provide a physical space to view, enjoy and purchase art inspired by film, television, comics and other things we love.

Past exhibits include interpretations on properties such as Disney, Game of Thrones, Universal Monsters and Marvel, and celebrate talents of top artists like Tyler Stout, Aaron Horkey, Mike Mitchell, Ken Taylor, Martin Ansin, and Drew Struzan.

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