Mondo Gallery Presents: When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth


Written by: Shane Miner
Photos by: Bryan Rose


Anyone that reads this site knows that the Nerdlocker Team are huge fans of the Mondo Gallery in Austin, TX. The Mondo staff has worked hard over the last five years to create a brand that has set the bar for pop culture art galleries around the world. So on May 14th you can imagine our excitement when Mondo announced a gallery show consisting of both original and screen printed works based on the world of Jurassic Park (Titled: When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth) featuring over 30 artist (see full list below) including the likes of Aaron Horkey, Todd Slater, and Jason Edmiston.

Yes Mondo, you had our attention.

Fast Forward to 7PM on Friday June 12th. After a month of speculation, rumors and hype, finally the day has arrived. There are over 100 people standing in line in 90 degree weather, several of whom have been camped in line since Tuesday (see our video on YouTube – HERE), all eagerly awaiting what most expect to be Mondo’s show of the year.

Finally we get to see what Mondo had in store for us. Is it be a break out show that the fans clamored for or is it a mixed success similar to the much debated Batman Anniversary show last October. Let us know what you think in the comments below!



Our Nerdlocker team took some time out of admiring the fantastic art to talk with Todd Slater:


As well as some of the Mondo team (Rob Jones, Justin Brookhart, Mitch Putnam):


Check out some of our onsite videos and photos of the crowd and events!




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