Mondo Gallery Presents: Martin Ansin and Kevin Tong Sci-Fi Gallery


I’m confident in saying that poster nerds have happened upon a collecting Christmas.

Last week, Mondo hosted, Nothing’s Impossible, a gallery of works created by a variety of amazing artists displaying the many faces of Disney.

This week, Mondo is host to two of the poster community’s biggest artists, Martin Ansin and Kevin Tong. Both artists created posters for Nothing’s Impossible, and will continue to appeal through this week’s gallery. Here’s a preview from earlier in the week.

Their prints are based off of SciFi movies full of wonder and terror. Classics such as, Flash Gordon, Alien, The Wizard of Oz, Psycho and others, are staples in cinematic history for a multitude of reasons. Each film pushed a boundary, whether special effects, costume, rating or the capabilities for filming and production. I felt that each print at the show conveyed the work and aspirations of the crews who worked on those films. It’s not too often that you can truly appreciate each print, not for it’s inflated worth, but for the work and attention needed to create them. It’s not only about our dreams, or the artists’; it was theirs (the creators) too.

Kevin Tong, has covered quite a colorful palette in most of his work, and it usually leaves me staring longer than I realize. With his other recent works, I enjoyed getting lost in his details. In Up, he used metallic pigments to highlight the skies, in a very subtle way. I think that is fantastic. I couldn’t wait to see what he had to offer in this show, too.

Meanwhile, when you first see an Ansin, the overall print grabs the observer and pulls them in. Suddenly, after spending ten minutes reviewing his work, everything changes and you see a completely new story. I refuse to believe that any collector could breeze past Martin Ansins’ work and take in the complete concept.

Both Ansin and Tong will be signing gallery posters on Saturday, March 15th at Mondo. For more details or questions, check out Mondo’s blog post.

Photos Covered by Chris Torres

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