Joshua Budich Cyber-Monday Sale!


One our favorite artists, Joshua Budich, will be having a Mystery Tube Sale on “Cyber Monday”, November 26, 2012. 3 prints for just $45 (US) or $50 (International) shipped!

Among the prints-of-mystery, more than a few lucky people will get one of the following RARE/SOLD-OUT prints as one of the three prints included in their tube:

Super Mario Test-Prints, The Cool (Miles Davis), Big Lebowski Triptychs, Dead Rockstars Japan 2012, Royal Tenebaums Glow-In-The-Dark Variant, Brutally Cool (Tarantino), Hotel Chevalier, I’m No Good (Amy Winehouse), Stone Free (Hendrix, Promo or Regular Edition).

Stay tuned to his website tomorrow for the sale!

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