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Casey Callender
“The Man With No Name”
Fine Art Print
Printed by Little Print MonsterEditions of 200 & 250
24″ x 36″
$50 & $57
1-preview 2-preview
Casey Callender
“The Creature”
Fine Art Print
Printed by Little Print MonsterEdition of 150
24″ x 36″
Kevin M. Wilson / Ape Meets Girl
“A Spaceman Came Traveling” (E.T.)
Screen Print
Printed by DL Screen PrintingEdition of 100
36″ x 24″


About Hero Complex Gallery
Hero Complex Gallery always aims to be that home for artists and collectors.  Their goal is simple:  devise fun shows for cool talented artists that the fans will dig, inspire a creative and collaborative environment that makes everyone shine, and help support a few worthy charities along the way.  We think you’re all rock stars and truly appreciate your participation whether you’re an artist or collector.
Hero Complex gallery specializes in contemporary and pop art-themed shows, and they have monthly exhibits that will appear in Los Angeles with some additional pop-up shows in major cities throughout the US, featuring a wide variety of art by established and emerging artists.


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