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Written by Ray Till

On July 17, 2014, an art show was held in Chicago at Gallery F. This show was a focus of Rob Jones’s infusion of his personal history and feelings with the use of the character Charlie Brown. In no way do I think I can give Rob Jones’s art the write up it deserves. Each piece has a story, it is just not crazy Charlie Brown drawings. It is a view into an individual’s personality. Even if you do not relate to the story related to an art piece, there were several others to check in on. This is proof Rob Jones is a dynamic person and a master at his craft. The working title Grief for the show is a title that did not deviate from it’s content.

Rob Jones himself was on hand at the show. He took time to speak with people waiting outside of the gallery. The guy has class. When the show began he was very open with explaining his art and the messages he was conveying. Many times he would let a person give their interpretation of a work as they saw it. He would allow a person the time to express what his intent was. He even answered questions to guide people to his intent. Not everyone has a college degree in art. It was almost like getting a fine arts class for free. Once gain many people related and you could see in their facial expression of the preverbal light turning on. A book can be written, each work a page of the art and another the history behind it.

Moving on from the artist the gallery holding the event, Galerie F, managed the show with what looked like the greatest of ease. A well executed number system was used to keep everything in order. They rewarded those that put the time waiting in line to have a shot at the original works they were looking forward to owning. Groups of ten where allowed in. The check out went in sequential order. This kept the gallery from being overcrowded. It also gave time for those people to see what they would buy without being rushed. I could not see a better way to handle the check out system. It was great. The people at the gallery where not only professional. It seemed like they shared in the excitement of the event. To sum it up, they knocked it out of the park. They have now set a very high bar for galleries in Chicago.

Even with my praise I do have to write a negative. This is not reserved just to Galerie F, but I can’t stand being one of the first people to enter an art gallery only to find that some of the art has already been sold. Literally pre-sold original artwork before a show even starts. It just seems like a huge tease and a personal pet peeve.

To summarize: Rob Jones is a brilliant man and artist. Gallery F exacted an amazing show that sets a new bar. Seeing pre-sold originals on opening day can be annoying.

Check out the gallery below:

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