EXCLUSIVE- Bottleneck Gallery Presents Predator by Tim Pittides

On the heels of his very successful VICES series, artist Tim Pittides was asked by our friends at Bottleneck Gallery to create a movie print for the 1987 sci-fi action/horror movie directed by John McTiernan Predator. He was elated.

The Concept:

When I was asked to produce a poster for Predator, I was so excited. The film is one of my desert island flicks and one of those movies that is burned into my brain. Bottleneck needed my concept sketch so off to my sketchbook I went. I didn’t want a poster of the monster. Been done to death. I wanted to convey the film. So i went through some quick doodle sketches and then finalized the concept sketch. Throughout the film, the camera follows the soldiers from behind, showing the massive scope of the jungle environment and how small they were in this vast world. I definitely shot for that. I had anna turned, looking behind her, as she knew what they were up against as she witnessed what it did to Hawkins. I knew we didn’t have likeness rights for anyone. I made sure to convey blood and hair covering her to help with a possible approval. I sent this over for studio approval and in a week or two I got the go ahead.

The Pencils:

I began doing a tight pencil sketch for the entire poster on bristol board. As I started to finish that I had the idea of having another character turned away from the rest of the group to break this up even more. With Mac not refined on the concept sketch, I went and added him facing the viewer but with his gun blocking half his face and then hope that is ok when we submit for final approval. Once I finished the sketch, I traced over that a tight pencil outline on 11 x 17 vellum.And now i took a step back before a laid a dot of ink on paper to figure out how to stipple each area as this image will be blown up on the final screen-print. Certain areas need more dots to compensate for the size while others need to be lighter.

The Inks:


Inking began the following day and I worked slow, because one mistake could cause me to have to start from scratch. I started with Anna as she would be the most difficult to capture correctly. Then I worked across the page from bottom to top. Not letting my brain get ahead of my hand. The jungle foliage was tedious, and time consuming. Once I finished the main drawing, I had to begin work on a separate piece of vellum to ink the Predator’s mask that would be connected later in Photoshop.

The Time:


After 83 hours, the inks were done. Scanned in and digitally connected, the main image was complete and ready for about 10 hours of stippling highlights, digital cleanup and layout.

Simple and effective and after 94 total hours of work, The poster was complete, approved and now ready to be hung in your homes! I want to thank Bottleneck Gallery for allowing me to tackle this property, and I hope you enjoyed this walk through and of course the final poster.

The drop is on Friday May 5th at Noon EST at www.bottleneckgallery.com and my AP’s will be available in person the very same day at Texas Frightmare so if you are on the road heading to Dallas you don’t have to worry – Tim

Predator – Regular Edition
24″ x 36″
5 color screen-print
Printed on French Brown Bag Kraft-Tone Paper
Printed by VGKIDS
Edition of 100

Predator – Variant Edition
24″ x 36″
5 color screen-print with metallic nickel ink.
Printed on French Packing Chip Kraft-Tone Paper
Printed by VGKIDS
Edition of 50

When you have a piece of cinema that combines the sci-fi and slasher genres to make an intense blood fest you need art that conveys the horrors yet to come. We think Tim killed it and we are looking forward to what Tim has in store next.

About Tim Pittides
Tim was born in November of 1978, and it wasn’t long after which his interest in art began to emerge. Tim received his first professional commission at the age of 17 for a local New York metal band. Since then, Tim has done work for various musical acts, record companies, magazines and multi-level corporations.

Being a child of 1990’s, Tim drew his artistic influences from the likes of Todd McFarlane, Jim Lee, Erik Larson, and Mark Bagley. As his focus became more mature and refined, influences came from all areas of the art world and it began to show in his personal work and soon Tim found something unique and distinct; something he calls “digital pointillism”. Tim hand draws all his work, stippling each dot down on paper, including the color separations, and then scans them all in and changes the colors of each layer as he needs them.

With every design, Tim gives his clients and customers something new and worthy of framing. In 2015, Tim created “VICES”. A series of film posters and art prints dedicated to the study of human error and missteps, each VICES print follows a pattern of 1920’s -30’s art deco design with a hint of macabre imagery and symbolism. Tim has worked with Upper Deck Entertainment, Bottleneck Gallery, Global Merchandising (GHOST), Grey Matter Art, alongside Marvel, 20th Century Fox, Studiocanal UK, Troma Entertainment, Morgan Creek Productions and more.

While working as a freelance illustrator, Timothy Pittides is actively pursuing his graduate degree in fine arts with a concentration in illustration and printmaking.

Tim’s website : http://www.pittidesart.com/

About Bottleneck
Located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY, Bottleneck Gallery is a contemporary art space founded by Joe Bouganim, Josh Harris and Arseny Libon. The gallery’s main focus is to support all emerging and established artists and in turn donating a portion of the proceeds from our solo and group exhibitions to a variety of charities.

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